Club Recruitment Application

Program Description

Madison Club Clubs can apply for funding to support a club recruitment event on Madison College campuses.  In an effort to increase the recruiting club members ELT will provide a onetime per year fund up to $100 to support coordination of your clubs recruitment meeting.  This funding may be used for food.

Students on the ELT weigh all the applications based on the following criteria and the budget available.

   - The information provided by the club on the COMPLETED application is organized and well planned.

   - The event / meeting MUST be on a Madison College Campus.

   -  Promoted on the LINK at least two weeks before the event.

   -  ELT representatives have two weeks to make a decision on any applications.

   -  Applicant must be a registered and active club.

** Once aplication is approved and the event is over, bring receipts and reports to ELT and we will transfer the funds into your club account.**

Name of the Recruitment event.
Date, Time and Location:
Amount Requesting
Description of the activity.
Decribe how you will use this funding with the SAB money for your club recruitment event (i.e. food, decorations, supplies, etc.).
Club Name:
Contact Person
Phone number
Email Address

The Club is required to complete a report on the about event within 30 days after the event, answering the folling questions:

-  A brief summary of your event.

-  How did it benefit the Madison College Club?

-  How many student did you recruit by hosting this event?

-  Please send any photos you took at your event at

  As the sponsor you are ensuring that this funding will be used for your recruitment event.  If there is any unused funding, it is your responsibility to return the funding to the ELT account. 

Violation of this rule could result in revocation of the rights for future funding for the club.

After reading this statement, the representative must agree to ELT's requirments by checking the box.